For most churches, vital information represents anniversaries, tithing,  
ecclesiastical reports, fund raisers, membership commitment and
ministry expenses.  With precise information, the officials of the church
are able to make wise decisions, thereby realizing an exciting and
tremendous growth potential.

With this in mind, we provide the following church management and
financial reporting services:
Monthly financial bookkeeping & record keeping services include:
a)Preparation of the general ledger from use of your source documents or
books of original entry. b)Monthly balance sheet, revenue and expense
statements. c)Bank account reconciliation.
Specialized Services Provided to Churches
Church Accounting & Bookkeeping
The same accounting and bookkeeping
principles that lead to growth and
greater success for the normal
business should be applied to
churches.  Historically, churches have
not adopted sound methods for
financial accountability.  This has led to
a number of disappointments such as
denied grants, declined mortgages, and
the inability to produce contribution
reports to laity and outside donors.

Today, more churches are taking
advantage of general accounting and
bookkeeping procedures, and realizing
the bridges that they create within the
church's own infrastructure for better
cash management and ministry
development.  Ministry visions are
empowered by the knowledge of past
financial results while striving for future
goals.  Financial information is used as
a guide to good stewardship.  In the
end, leadership can steer, direct and
make practical decisions based on
information-not speculation.
2. Ministry Management and Consulting Services
1. Financial Bookkeeping & Record Keeping
a)Thorough evaluation of current record keeping system, methods and
procedures.  Based on experience with churches, an objective
assessment will be made as well as implementation of an improved
designed system that will provide pertinent information for greater
ministry effectiveness. b)Ministry organizational flow charts included.
4. Structuring of Internal Control
Proper organizational and financial internal controls are key elements of
any organization.  Internal controls help provide accuracy, integrity and
donor confidence with regard to recording and handling of contributions.
a)An assessment of current internal controls will be conducted. b) An
effective internal control structure will be designed and assistance with
implementation will be provided for your ministry.
5. Financial Statement Compilations
The primary goal is to help build solid fiscal ministry accountability.  
a)We will compile unaudited financial statements.  b)Review with you
and interpret these statements. c)We will recommend any fiscal
efficiencies and improvements to your ministry.
Fees are freely discussed, flexible and competitive.  Base fees are provided
and based on ministry size, needs and services required.  Complete client
satisfaction is our objective and goal.
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Frequently asked questions
by churches
Financial planning and budgeting is vital to the ministry.  a)Monthly, yearly
or three-year forecasts are mapped based upon past performance and
expected growth trends. b)The final affects of major financial decisions
are considered on a project-to-project basis.